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Gracepoint Gospel Fellowship


ENROLL for tutorial lessons on the following:

  1. Guitar Lessons
  2. Bass guitar lessons
  3. Keyboard lessons
  4. Music theory lessons
  5. Worship studies
  6. Saxophone and flute lessons
  7. Drum lessons

Rules and Regulations:

  1. Music classes are scheduled every Saturday from 9AM - 4PM
  2. Classes will be held in the Chapel and in Room 14
  3. Payment must be made in full prior to the class - One (1) month payment is required which is $120 ($30 x 4 lessons). The $30 fee will include a 45 minutes of group tutorial lesson
  4. Purchase of the selected instrument shall be done by the student, however the tutor can give recommendations for the purchase of the instruments.
  5. Lesson materials and books are available for sale paid directly to Gracepoint upon registration or after first lesson (checks should be made payable to Gracepoint Gospel Fellowship)


  1. Students can obtain registration forms by contacting Gracepoint or in the church lobby.
  2. Register here online
  3. By calling or texting Noel Cacho at 845.461.3386. You can also contact him for more information.

Once you register, you can download .pdf form for schedule of classes which is attached.

Attendee Types

  • $120 – Standard
  • $90 – Owes $90
  • $60 – Owes $60
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  • Feb 10
    9:00 am
    Mar 3
    4:00 pm